What type of shower do you have? Are you using one that has a curtain, a glass sliding door, or one with a tub/shower combo? Whatever type of shower you have it is time to consider looking into a glass shower enclosure. It comes with so many benefits that will help you and your home be better and up-to-date. If you are considering and ready for the change, Rohan Glass Company will talk about the benefits so that you know what you can look forward to with a glass shower enclosure.

Upgraded Shower Style

There are so many different enclosure designs that you can choose from. This way you can get the perfect fit for you and your bathroom style. With a shower enclosure, it brings elegance to your bathroom. If you are worried about clear glass for your shower, you can get your glass frosted or tinted and it comes with a range of glass options. All options give a unique look to the shower and your bathroom. A glass shower enclosure helps make those small bathrooms fill larger.

Less Maintenance

When you have a glass shower enclosure, it has less maintenance than showers that have curtains or sliding doors. Life is busy, we don’t often have time to clean and maintain our homes all the time. Enclosures are much easier to clean, which saves you time. Enclosures are used with tempered glass which prevents scratching and cracks. You can also add a protective coating, which helps get rid of soap and water stains.

Increased Bathroom Safety

Not only is your shower looking updated and elegant it also increases safety. Often falls happen from slippery floors or climbing in and out of the bathtub. This is very common with homes that have little children or older adults. When you have a glass shower enclosure that is done correctly the entire bathroom remains dry and safe so the floor does not get wet from the shower. Limiting the number of falls that could happen. Also, with it being tempered glass, it does not shatter into many pieces if broken, which decreases hazards.

Less Mildew than a Shower Curtain

Your bathroom can get extremely humid and moist which is a great environment for mold and bacteria to start growing. With a shower curtain, you may notice the growth and spread mildew on it. This can cause serious health problems if not cleaned and addressed. When you have a glass enclosure, you can easily avoid these problems. With the nonporous surface of the glass, bacteria, and mildew have a harder time staying. You can also use a disinfectant spray to help protect glass.

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Updating your shower to a glass enclosure not only makes it look beautiful, but it brings so many benefits to your bathroom that you do not get with a curtain or a sliding door. With so many benefits why not make the switch and get a glass shower enclosure? If you are ready to update your shower then give Rohan Glass Company a call.