Rohan Glass Company is a licensed, bonded and insured residential glazing contractor so we have the expertise to handle your glass and mirror needs. Every room in your home can benefit from the added touch that decorating with glass and mirror can bring.

We don’t just talk about quality and service, we deliver it! Experienced glaziers, name brand glass and glazing systems, custom glass fabrication, in home consultations, on time schedules, friendly customer service, direct insurance billing and proven customer satisfaction is the proof!

Glass Repair & Replacement
When glass breaks it becomes a safety and a security concern for everyone. Whether the cause is an errant baseball or a falling tree due to inclement weather, damage to windows can happen in a variety of ways. Children, family, friends and pets could be at risk of serious injury and your home may no longer be secure.

You can count on the experienced professionals at Rohan Glass Company for your glass repair or replacement needs. We are committed to doing business right and putting your safety and security needs first. We have over 50 years of experience so we can be trusted to fix any kind of damage and we have a full stock of high quality affordable glass products for replacement.
We can also help customers to replace old glass with up-to-date specialized products, perform glass replacement to strengthen your defense against inclement weather and replace standard glass with fire-rated or security glass for increased safety.

Shower Doors and Enclosures
A framed or frameless glass shower enclosure is a welcome addition to any residential bathroom. With their combination of elegance and durability, these shower enclosures will complement the decor of just about any bathroom. In recent years shower and tub enclosures have become one of the best investments a homeowner can make in their bathroom, both for present enjoyment and for future resale. According to Home & Garden magazine, dollars spent in the bathroom will bring a return when the home is sold. The options available for shower and tub enclosures are numerous.

We invite you to choose the design that fits your style and budget, no matter the size and type; whether it is framed or frameless and clear, tinted, patterned or decorative. We will come to your home and personally design an enclosure to meet your specific needs. Custom building an enclosure means you can select from a wide variety of luxurious glass options as well as hardware finishes.

Mirrors can dramatically enhance the beauty of virtually any room in your home or business. They amplify light, enhance the decor and can even double the perceived size of a room. Used as small decorative accents or large architectural ornaments, they can emphasize focal points and add style & drama to any space.

Rohan Glass Company can design and fabricate any size or shape mirror to fit your personal style and requirements. Bring us your own design and we’ll make it a reality. Because we custom cut all our mirrors, our customers are only limited by their imagination.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at creating your mirror; we provide convenient professional installation too. Whether it’s a framed mirror for your half bath or floor to ceiling mirrors in an exercise room, our experienced glaziers can complete the job to your satisfaction.

Glass Table Tops

A custom glass table top from Rohan Glass Company will help protect your tables while enhancing their visual appeal. We have been customizing and installing table tops for more than 50 years, and our friendly technicians have the knowledge needed to mold these products to the exact size and shape our customers need.

We offer many types of products and services for residential applications including:
• Tub and Shower Enclosures
• Shower Doors
• Sliding glass doors
• Windows
• Glass Tabletops and Countertops
• Glass Shelving & Cabinet Inserts
• Mirrors
• Architectural Glass
• Heat Treated Glass
• Picture Glass
• Patterned Glass
• Beveled Glass
• Polished Glass
• Tempered Glass
• Clear and Tinted Glass
• Specialty Glass